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Sunday, June 10, 2012

Backup SLBL on IronPort C160 Devices

How do I backup and restore my safelist / blocklist?

Making a backup of the safe list, block list:
  1. Go to the Configuration File option under the System Administration tab on the GUI.
  2. Near the bottom of this screen you will find the section labeled: End-User Safelist/Blocklist Database (IronPort Spam Quarantine).
  3. Press the button labeled "Backup Now". This will save a copy as a .csv file in the configuration directory on your appliance.
Note: If this feature is not enabled, you can enable it by choosing Monitor > Quarantines.
Moving the backup to another box:
  1. Make certain that you have the FTP service enabled on one of your network interfaces. This would typically be the management interface. You can check this in the IP Interfaces section under the Network tab on the GUI.
  2. From your file server, FTP to the IronPort appliance on the above mentioned interface.
  3. Login as an admin user.
  4. The backup file you made earlier should be right there in the root directory.
Restoring the backup:
  1. This is basically the reverse procedure of the backup.
  2. FTP the file from your file server back to the IronPort appliance in the configuration directory.
  3. Go back into the Configuration File section under the System Administration tab.
  4. Press the "Select File to Restore" button.
  5. Select from the list of valid backup files.

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