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Friday, April 24, 2015

Manually Applying Updates to Trend IMSVA

Whenever Trend issues an update for these virtual machines the GUI interface isn't always able to apply the patches to the VM.

 This is where a bit of time and patience have to come in to get them updated. Below is how I get it done quickly without much headache to keep these VMs current.

1. Download the patch or hot fix to your computer (Ex:

2. Extract the file.  You'll see a couple of files extracted such as readme_en.txt and imsva_90_en_criticalpatch1560.tar.gz listed.

3.  Use a program to upload the files to the IMSVA virtual machine.  I choose to use WinSCP.  Upload the file to the /tmp folder.

4.  Login to the IMSVA using root privilege using Putty or another program via SSH.  NOTE: You have to use SCP on WinSCP as the protocol and the root account for the VM.  If not it won't connect with the standard "admin" and password the web browser login uses.

5.  Run the following commands:

   # tar -zxvf /tmp/imsva_90_en_criticalpatch15160.tar.gz -C /tmp
   # cd /tmp/imsva_90_en_criticalpatch15160
   # ./imssinst

6.  Allow the installation to run and when the install completes you'll see something similar to this:

   Installation is complete and related services are started.

Just a note when you are done you can delete both the *.tar.gz file and the folder it created off of the IMSVA virtual machine to save space.

Login to the web interface and verify with the "About" option the new build version of your IMSVA.

I have found that not every hot fix or patch raises the build level in the web interface but if you try to apply it again to the IMSVA you'll find out it has already been installed.

For those of you that are not great in the Linux/Unix world I hope these instructions help you keep your critical infrastructure system patched and up to date.

It's Friday afternoon now so I hope you all have a great weekend.

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