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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

How to Cluster IronPort C-Series Appliances

This will explain the quick overview of how to cluster two of these devices together to provide an easy way to administer multiple IronPorts on the same network.

1. Login to the IronPort using SSL.  I prefer Putty.
3. The CLI will ask if you want to enter cluster mode.  Select Y.
4. You will then see a list of cluster commands.
5. At this point if you have no cluster enter the option to create a cluster.
6. Follow the prompts.  Give it a name, select the ports, etc.  I always recommend setting the cluster to communicate on the internal management IP address.
7. Once the cluster config is complete the IronPort will apply the changes which only takes a minute or so.
8. To add other machines repeat this exact process only selecting the option to join an existing cluster.
9. During the join select the IP address of the first IronPort you put into the cluster.  Follow the prompts and complete the join.

I have found this process very helpful if an IronPort fails because I don't have to take the time to configure the replacement from scratch.  

This setup shares the configs so all you do is bring the replacement IronPort online, give it a static IP address and the same name as the unit you are replacing, login to it via the CLI and join it to the cluster.  

Once you have done that it will copy the configuration  from your cluster and will be ready to run.

Good luck on your cluster setups.

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